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November 30, 2006



Suzanne, I just love this! It's really fun but with a serious message. I appreciate that you took the time to take us through your design and development process. I can understand why you would not want to send this off. I believe that the quilts for the UP challenge are to be auctioned after the event - right? I agree with you about the buttons - much easier to hand sew than machine sew.

Lynn Douglass

I love it! I also loved reading about the whole process of its creation! Girlfriend, I'm proud of you for really bumping out the box! Woohoo! Think there are enough !!!! in this message? LOL!


Thanks guys! I showed it to my LQS owner yesterday and she said made a comment, too, about how it is out of my "box" -- and even though she (and Lynn) are right -- even though it's not in my "box" -- it is very much *me* in its own way. I've got a whole stack of ideas taking off on this one (in many different directions). I don't know how many of them will get made into actual quilts, but I guess I need to pull out the sketchbook and start getting some ideas down on paper!

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