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December 27, 2006



wow, Suzanne, you rock! I don't know that I could frog that much quilting, especially if it doesn't show, and double-especially if it was my own quilt. I'm just a leeetle bit lazy like that. :) Go ahead and get a different red fabric for the wallhanging, that's a sure way to make the original piece show up! Great quilts!!


Wow! You've gotten a lot done over the last week. Way to go!


I feel your pain - earlier this I also frogged an entire quilt. Haven't gotten the urge to put it back on the frame and quilt it again! You've been quite busy!

Debra Spincic

I don't think any quilt is worth "frogging". I just move on!


Looks like a great new project you are beginning, though I like both of the old ones, too!


I am another one that probably would not take out that much quilting if it were just for me or family -- but I appreciate the lesson, "if you don't like it after 5 minutes, you probably won't like it after an hour." I need to remember that!

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