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January 05, 2007



I have two words for this whole post - WAY COOL! We always liked Harry Chapin too - isn't that song great?! I love your tree trunk study and can't wait to see your 12/12/12 piece.


Thank you for taking so much time to post your thought process! Can't wait to see what you do with the tree trunk study. Also saw your post on LAC about the huge thread order. Please take a photo - I'll bet it will be so cool to have that much color around you! I just love thread....and fabric and buttons and beads and fibers and paint......there's just never enough.


I'm a Chapin fan, as well. I remember both songs fondly. It's funny that you have this whole thing about color. My 12 x 12 x 4 was causing me to think of similar issues yesterday. We drove through the desert and I took a dozen pics of saguaro cactus, because I need to get the greens, and even some other colors, just right. I paid attention to all the greens out there, and was surprised to see how many fell into the lime-chartreuse range!


I loved Harry Chapin and especially this song. I saw him in concert several times and this brought back happy memories. Thank you. I also enjoyed your work. :)


Great post. Harry Chapin had a way of getting tears shed didn't he. "Cats in A Cradle" has been a favorite of mine.

Those trees do look just like elephants! It's amazing what you find when you really just look.

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