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January 25, 2007



Hi Suzanne, tell your mom to knit you a REALLY bright striped pair- the brighter the better! LOL Also, let me know how you did on your thrift store run...

Hugs, Carla


The socks look pretty darn good if I do say so myself (mom and knitter of socks). I'm not real good at correcting errors, thanks for showing the "good" side. The next pair for Suzanne is a self-striping, multi-colored yarn. The pair after that for her will be black and named Tucker after the llama (alpaca???) the yarn is from.


>> do have big feet. Size 11 in fact. I'm tall, OK?)<<

Really, Suzanne? Me, too, on both!!! =-) At least I feel safer in the wind, I figure I probably won't blow over...=-)


One of the things that I love about handknit socks is that I can make them long and skinny for a perfect fit for my feet. They are such a luxury ... enjoy!!

Debra Spincic

My mom is a super sock knitter and I guess I should show my socks too.

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