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February 01, 2007



I love this quilt, Suzanne! I can't believe you whipped it out so fast! Okay, now I'm inspired to go and work on the one spread all over my table. It's been in the UFO stage for far too long. I think you should bind it in green. My suggestion for the name is All Decked Out For Spring.




Love it, Outstanding! The pink is perfect with just enough green.


Suzanne, I love the quilting you did on this quilt. It is just beautiful! You are so talented. --Vivian Love


Think'in Pink
Strawberry Souffle
Tender Blushes
Peppermint Blush

I must stop --now I have peppermint ice cream on the brain!


Very pink, very lovely!!

How about

Tickled Pink
Pink Paradise
Pink Flamingo
Think Pink


That is just LOVELY! I am now inspired to cut up some of my FQ packs that I have been waiting for just the right design to make, I think I have now found just the right design!!! The lime green is perfect as the inner border!! I would definately bind in the green to bring it all together! And the quilting....All I can say is day I hope to be able to feather at least 1/2 that well! You are an inspiration!


I still can't believe yo got this done in less than a week! Amazing! I love it. If mine, I would do a green binding. I'll have to give the names some thought - after caffeine.....


green binding - in lime!

Pink Lemonade! Or Tropical Punch

(I got the orange blossom quilts yesterday, you did a great job with the quilting!)


Definitely bind it in green, love it.
I think it looks like a mosaic tile floor before you open it up.


Hey Suzanne, are you quick or what? The quilt is cute and happy. I think you should call it Strawberry Daquiri, and bind it in green. I love, love, love the little pink art piece. It's terrific!!

Have a great day!


After caffeine and a bit of pondering, here are a few suggestions:

I decided to look for inspiration from other artists. Two that came to mind are Pink and Pink Floyd. So I looked up their albums and songs and here are a few that might work for your quilt:

From Pink Floyd:
Any Color You Like
Another Brick in the Wall

From Pink:
Is it Love?
Dear Diary

I really like “Another Brick in the Wall” because this quilt was another step into your quilting art and the quilting looks like a sample for your new book – so it’s another page in the book!

Disclaimer - I don't know what ANY of the song lyrics are and whether they are appropriate for naming a quilt!!


Great quilt! Love the quilting! I'd call it Cotton Candy because it looks so delicious!


Ooo...this is so sweet to look at, it reminded me of peppermints too.

I think someone has already said "Tickled Pink" I vote for that.

This quilt makes me smile.


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